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Social Responsibility

Social Economic Development

AE.AMD Renewable Energy (Pty) Ltd wishes to promote and develop renewable energy power plants to help South African reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the attainment of achieve the Kyoto Protocol targets – to the benefit of the South African people.

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AE.AMD Renewable Energy (Pty) Ltd is a company committed to social development in the communities surrounding its projects. We have created an Educational Trust for each of our renewable energy projects in order to focus on the development of the communities within 50km of the particular project site.

The current projects, namely Herbert 1 and Greefspan 1 will convey 1% of revenue generated to the relevant trust for a period of 20 years from the start of operations, which commence in 2014.

In addition to this, the trusts hold a 5% share in the SPV’s and will be in line to receive dividends as they come about.

After interaction with local NGO’s, schools and the municipality in the community of Douglas in the Northern Cape, it was determined that the focus of our efforts will primarily be to assist with education. Due to the 20 year operations period, emphasis will be placed on the sustainability of the educational development plan with phased investments and possible development into areas as mentioned below:

 Scholarships and support to school leavers in the Northern Cape Province who wish to study engineering, science or maths at a tertiary level
 Subsidies to science and mathematics teachers’ salaries at schools in the Northern Cape Province so as to enable those schools to attract good and well qualified teachers
 Subsidies for the purchase of laboratory equipment and mathematical teaching aids in schools in the Northern Cape Province.

For more details of the work of the AE AMD Educational Trust and for application forms, please contact us.